Our full-size scales feature advanced load cell technology with four cells, ideal for accurate readings on four-legged patients. We manufacture them to be reception-area tough and stand up to constant use. And our Low Stress Feline scale provides a gentle experience for cats.

Blue- Line Scales

Blue- Line Scales

The pop of color and low-profile make the Blue-Line Scale inviting to all who visit your facility. It has our best load-cell technology and superior durability.

K9W8 Scales

K9W8 Scales

Our K9W8 scales feature advanced load cell technology with four cells, and they are reception area tough to stand up to constant use.

Feline Scale

Feline Scale

The Feline Scale is compact in size to save counter space but large enough to accurately weigh your largest feline (or small dogs!). The high curved sides allow cats to crouch down and feel safe and secure.



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