Our commitment to animal care professionals has extended through our 90+ year history—provide high-quality equipment that helps animal care professionals provide the best care to their patients. We will continue to innovate to provide even better products.


Exam Tables
Exam Tables
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Cat Condos
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Surgery Tables

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Feline Comfort Suite

This revolutionary design features a fine-celled foam board that is durable and impervious to moisture. It’s silky smooth feel comforts feline paws. It addresses the veterinary need for a spacious, pampering environment for cats that has the ability to sanitize to current standards.

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Working together
on animal housing

What Shor-Line brings to architects is a 90+ year history of working on animal care products. We have been a leader in the changing philosophies of animal housing, and we have been intimately involved in thousands of run, cage and condo build projects.

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Kennel Choices:
Flexible options,
durable beauty

Shor-Line offers both style and durability in run housing for dogs. All runs are custom-built, and the best value comes from choosing between about 100 standard run options. Learn more about your design options.

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Ergonomics to

Adjustability is built into all Shor-Line grooming tables. This lets you position the table height, location of the loop and the side-to-side swivel of the grooming arm. So, you are always in a comfortable position.

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Years of Experience and a
Heart for Shelters

Guides Shor-Line

Shor-Line has been a leader in developing housing that helps shelters evolve and address the changing needs for pet shelter housing. The company’s experience comes not only from working with recognized thought leaders but hands on through volunteer work with shelters and rescues.

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Scales You Can Depend On

Our continuous improvement extends to our reliable scales. The current Blue-Line and K9W8 scales have sophisticated load cells in four spots. Four cells give you the most accurate capture of four-legged animals.

We know your scale needs to be reception-area tough so we make it that way. Keep sharing your ideas for making our scales better. You can see our Low Stress Feline Scale is also proving to be an ideal choice for corralling puppies and smaller dogs.

Customer Service has always been one of our most-loved feature. If your scale goes down after decades of service, we know you need an immediate solution. Our team will work with you to get you up and running…even if it means immediately shipping out a loaner scale.

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Scales You Can Depend On

Product Configurator--Build Your Own

Want to get a custom look at a great price? Shor-Line offers hundreds of options...many of them standard...for our equipment product lines. Our configurators break it down so you can consider and choose the components and options that mean the most to you.

Once you design your choice, send it in to get a price and save a pdf for your files. You can always use the FREE consultation to get even more out of the configurator. We encourage you to get quotes on as many options as you want.

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Product Configurator--Build Your Own


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See more in-use photos in our cage gallery and kennel run installation sliders.

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