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Mission Statement

As an animal health industry innovator, Shor-Line is constantly reinventing and adding to an extensive array of products to help animal health professionals provide the best possible care for their patients.

Our continuing research and development, field-testing, quality control and open dialog with professionals worldwide enable us to provide quality equipment.

As you browse through this catalog, you’ll quickly appreciate Shor-line’s engineering expertise, quality materials and recognize that our equipment is built to last!

Even though the times and the equipment you purchase may change, our commitment to service is exactly the same as it was in 1927, namely, second to none.

Our website provides useful information about our existing and new products, as well as the items in the catalog! We invite you to learn more about our products, services and industry trends.

Shor-Line is a proud company with an industry leading reputation and a genuine desire to serve you. Thank you for your support over the years and we look forward to contributing to the continued development of the animal care profession.

Enhancing Animal Care