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Continuous Product Improvement

At Shor-Line, we call it "CPI." Of course you expect us to develop and produce new products that serve all of our customers, but we don't stop there.

Our "CPI" group, consisting of key people in our Engineering, Production, Marketing and Sales departments, convenes weekly to explore how new technologies in materials and manufacturing processes can be utilized to improve our existing products.

Our competitors realize that we are the industry leader and to their credit, have attemped to close the quality gap between their products and ours. We will not let that happen. The new TYPE3 stainless steel kennel from Shor-Line is our latest "CPI" that widens the gap between us and the competition.

Any company can claim that they have the best kennel, but facts are facts. No other kennel in our industry has as many U.S. Patents, awarded or pending, than the new TYPE3 kennel from Shor-Line.

Thank you,

The Shor-Line "CPI" Group

Type3 Shor-Line Cages
Enhancing Animal Care