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Story of Shor-Line

When Kansas City brothers Karl and Gary
Schroer founded Schroer Manufacturing
Company in 1927, the principle of quality
workmanship and quality materials was a
benchmark of their finished products. While today
the brothers might be surprised by how much their
company has changed, they would be proud that
the company’s dedication to service and quality
has remained unchanged for over 83 years.
Originally the company operated as a job
shop supplying products to various industries
including large local veterinary pharmaceutical
companies. Over time the company developed
special expertise in veterinary equipment by
manufacturing an extensive line of veterinary
instruments and surgery/exam tables for these
pharmaceutical companies. In the 1940s, the
company recognized the benefits of stainless
steel and began fabricating many products from
this material. To this day, the use of stainless
steel is synonymous with most Shor-Line

The early 1950s saw tremendous growth as
the company diversified its product line by
introducing galvanized dog cages. By the end
of the decade, galvanized cages gave way to
stainless steel construction. Demand for cages
surged and by 1955 products were marketed
under the new "Shor-Line" trademark name.
Product refinement and specialization occurred
throughout the 1960s with the marketing of
specialized cage products. Shor-Line developed
an extensive line of tables, bathing tubs and
weighing equipment. In addition, Shor-Line’s
unique V-Top Stainless Steel Surgery Table was
introduced and marketed.

The decade of the 1970s saw the creation of an
affiliate division to service the needs of animal
control, humane societies, boarding kennels
and zoos. Animal control and handling products
were initially introduced. By 1980, Shor-Line was
working with digital and electronic technology
for weighing and lifting tables. Diversification
continued with dental products and the creation
of a European division to serve overseas
markets. Shor-Line became a full-time veterinary
equipment supplier in the global marketplace.

The 1990s saw expansion into stainless steel
kennel run systems and laminate cat condos.
Through an acquisition, an affiliate company
began production of galvanized kennel runs and
kennel drainage systems. This acquisition, along
with other innovations, allowed Shor-Line to offer
a complete package of items to fit the varying
needs of animal health providers.

Enhancing Animal Care