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Contact our Technical Services Department toll-free at 1.800.444.1579.

How To File A Freight Claim
1. Inspect ALL packages upon arrival. If containers show evidence of damage when delivered the packages should be opened immediately before the driver leaves. The shipment should be inventoried and inspected jointly by the Customer and the driver. The driver will then make proper notation on the delivery receipt.

Customer must inspect all materials for shortages, damages, conformity with order and defects before signing any documentation requested by the carrier. Customer must immediately complete such inspection and shall not accept delivery of goods that are damaged or not in accordance with the bill of lading or packing slip without proper notification to the carrier and Shor-Line. If goods are damaged, defective, shorted or appear not to conform to the order, Customer shall discontinue their use and immediately notify the carrier and Shor-Line of such condition and afford a reasonable opportunity to inspect the same.

Customer shall make, or provide Shor-Line in writing with all information necessary to make, a claim against such carrier for any shortage, damage, or discrepancy of the shipment within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the goods. Claims or written information thereon not so presented within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the goods will not be allowed. No returned products will be accepted, credited or replaced, unless arrangements for their return have been made in compliance with Shor-Line's Return Policy.

If containers do not show evidence of damage, there may be "concealed damage". Customer must report any concealed damage within 15 days after receipt of the shipment. Such report is to be made directly to Shor-Line's Traffic Department who will file a claim with the carrier. All packaging and contents must be held for this inspection.

2. Customer must check goods, contents against packing slip, weight against bill of lading, containers, etc.

3. Customer fills out "Inspection Report of Loss or Damage Discovered After Delivery" (a standard form).

4. Customer and consignee both sign this form. A copy is left with the consignee and should be forwarded to Shor-Line's traffic department to file a claim.

5. Call Shor-Line's Traffic Department to file a claim (1.800.444.1579). We will go to work right away and arrange for pick-up, return shipment, and replacement of the product.

Return Policy & Repairs
All products being returned for any reason or delivered for repair service (whether or not pursuant to our Limited Warranty) must receive advance authorization from Shor-Line. Customer must contact Shor-Line's Technical Service Department at 1.800.444.1579 to receive a Return Authorization Number. All products returned, except for warranty service or pursuant to the Product Satisfaction policy, are subject to a minimum 15% restocking charge. Customer will be responsible for all freight charges on returns.

Return Product Authorization
To assure efficient handling on damaged or defective equipment, or repairs, please contact our Technical Service Department for Return Product Authorization (1.800.444.1579). Failure to obtain Return Product Authorization will only delay the processing of your matter and may result in the denail of any repair, replacement or credit.

Repairs are handled by the Technical Service Department at 1.800.444.1579. It is mandatory you contact them prior to sending in your product for repair.

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