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Stainless Steel Cat Suite, Double Unit

Stainless Steel Cat Suite, Double Unit with Mobile Platform

Item#: 902.0103.24

Weight: 440 lbs

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Field-tested and approved! Leading the industry in joint efforts with universities to offer 18.7 square feet of ample living space for our Double Unit providing felines a nurturing environment. Stainless steel construction provides the best surface for disinfection and an incredibly long service life. All features are designed to relieve the stress of the occupant, thus leading to a healthier and safe habitat for both feline and handler.

  • Patented Hinge Design US Patent #7,805,808
  • Stainless steel door design discourages paw entrapment.
  • Lockable door latch to prevent escapes.
  • Silent Latch Mechanism eliminates noise and creates a stress-free environment for patients.
  • Integrated compartment divider can be removed for cleaning.
  • Portals can be opened and closed from the outside without opening cage doors or disturbing occupants.
  • Interior polymer components are made of chemical resistant Polyethylene (PE).
  • NEW! End and Top Panels are included with the purchase of a Double Unit.

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Stainless Steel Cat Suite, Single Unit

Stainless Steel Cat Suite, Single Unit
Item#: 902.4830.22
Weight: 200 lbs

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