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Stainless Steel Cages

(A) NEW Stainless Steel Frame
Front door frames are heavy duty 1” square stainless steel tube to provide you many years of solid structural support for your cage assemblies.

(B) Industry Leading Latch
The first of its kind designed to be durable, secure and quiet. Acetal bushings provide smooth operation and sound dampening qualities.

(C) Sound Dampening
Sound and vibration absorbing technology is standard equipment on all Shor-Line cages.

(D) One Piece Stainless Steel Door Frame
The one piece frame and wrap around hinge/latch bars are formed from 3/8” diameter solid stainless steel rods. All additional horizontal rods are 3⁄16” in diameter. Every intersection of horizontal and vertical rods are welded, providing incredible strength. Electropolishing is the final process resulting in a smooth and bright finish that looks great and is easy to clean…and practical too! Loops on the door prevent paper, pads or towels from sliding out the front of the cage.

(E) Fully Rounded Corners and Fluid Retaining Lip
A smooth rounded cove transitions the back and all internal sides of the cage. A slightly raised, fluid retaining lip prevents drainage out the front of the cage.

(F) Trim Hardware
Solid stainless steel with rounded corners-no sharp edges or points.

(G) Patented Hinge Design

We’ve made our patented hinge design even better. 

The 14-gauge 304 stainless steel hinge is encapsulated with fiberglass reinforced nylon that is held into place with new, super tough nylon 6/6 expansion anchor.

The result: Ultra quiet opening and closing.

If you bought the kennel when you were 33 years old and someone opened and closed the kennel 10 times a day, 7 days
a week, our studies show the hinge would still be thriving after you turn 60 years old.

US Patent #7,805,808.

Stainless Steel Cages Products:
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