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Hydro Physio...meeting the rehabilitation needs of modern veterinary practices.

Developed with continuous input from veterinarians specializing in animal rehabilitation, Hydro Physio has become the leading brand for hydrotherapy worldwide.

Our core value of constantly investing in state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology coupled with a highly skilled and loyal workforce ensures market leading performance. The Hydro Physio product line combines the rehabilitation needs of modern veterinary practices with expert engineering knowledge to provide high quality, functional and low maintenance equipment that will add value to your practice and patient care.


By utilizing the unique properties of water in combination with advanced technology, the HP 200 delivers enhanced therapeutic recovery for post-op patients and a unique training environment for physical fitness with unparalleled results. The HP 200 underwater treadmill allows the patient to confidently exercise in a low impact environment while offering full control of the session.

(A) Access

The HP200 had non slip ramps at both door openings for ease of getting the patient into the treadmill chamber.

(B) Viewing Doors

Glass doors help to make the patient feel less enclosed and also enable gait analysis and monitoring from all angles.

(C) Ease of Use Door Opening

A unique door closing mechanism that is unique to Hydro Physio. The patented design allows one handed operation and can be operated internally and externally unlike all other hydrotherapy treadmills on the market. Our design is the most reliable and user-friendly in the world!

(D) Panoramic View

One of the integral qualities of the design is the 360 degree viewing area making for patient reassurance and ease of use for the operator. Gait analysis and diagnosis from all angles is possible with the HP 200.

(E) Walk Through Design

A vital feature for larger breeds and spinal injury cases. Dogs do not naturally reverse. Leading the animal forward through the product chamber helps with comfort and relaxation.

(F) Safety

Safe Low Voltage – A low voltage (24 volt) drum roller is used throughout the treadmill chamber. All other devices employ a maximum of 12 volts. This ensures no risk to user and patient. Safety is paramount and any electrical danger was designed out of the product from day one.

(G) Cleaning

The easy lifting treadmill bed is essential for the well being of patients and operated alike making the underside of the treadmill easy to clean is a key feature of the HP200 design. Cleaning hydrotherapy equipment is a fundamental requirement and the design facilitates this through ease of use.

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