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Standard Cage Assemblies & Complimentary Custom Design

We offer a complimentary custom design service to ensure your facility is outfitted with cage configurations that suit your needs. Our cages are configured in 6" increments and can be mounted on multiple platforms. The standard cage depth is 28 1/4". The stainless steel cage assemblies shown on our website are recommendations only.

What's in a Cage?

Our cages are constructed from the highest grades of austenitic stainless steel material. Even the square tube frame, cage shell, trim hardware, screws and platforms are made of heavy gauge stainless steel.

Shor-Line Cages are fabricated from our exclusive 2-piece unitized construction process, minimizing the number of welded seams. Less welds mean stronger and longer lasting cages.

Modular Assemblies
Our cages are completely modular. This means each cage is manufactured as an individual unit, engineered for fit and function to combine with others into one structural product. When you put them together, they look custom built, specially for your housing area. Installation is quick and easy. Our cages are configured in 6" increments (18", 24", 30", 36", etc.). When planning space requirements, allow an additional ⅛” in width for every two cages that are side-by-side.

A Polished Look
All stainless steel hardware (trim strips, trim plates and screws) tie each assembly together for a finished look. The cages themselves have a front flange which overlaps the lower cage or base platform, covering all horizontal joints.

Standing Tall
A platform to support the cage assembly may be ordered from Shor-Line with your cage purchase.

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