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Products in Everyday Use

Animal Holding

Animal Holding equipment should be considered a long-term investment. Sturdy construction, quick clean-up and quality materials add efficiency, longevity and value to your purchase. Animal care professionals the world over choose Shor-Line for our features and performance.

Exam Room

The Exam area of the facility serves several functions and is a place that needs to be workable for you, yet comfortable for both patient and owner.


Bathing and Grooming animals demands a dedicated space and professional equipment. A potentially messy function for any facility, proper room setup and tub options can reduce staff time and increase productivity.

Post Op Recovery

As one of the busiest areas in any facility, your Post-Op Recovery/ICU/Isolation area must be able to handle multiple functions. It is critical that the proper equipment be available in this area.


Your Reception area creates an immediate impression with your customer. A clean, bright and odor-free reception area tells customers that they made the right decision entrusting their pet into your care.


Surgical procedures place strong demands on your environment, skill and equipment. Everything needed to successfully complete the task at hand must be instantly available in this area.


Your Treatment area serves multiple purposes and probably gets the most use of any area of the facility. The challenge is to make this area as efficient as possible.

Enhancing Animal Care